Stay Ahead of the Rest

Want a yacht that effortlessly combines cutting-edge design and groundbreaking technology?

Meet the Shogun 43.

Developed with a focus on performance and ease of use, this yacht goes beyond conventional and traditional design and takes sailing to another level. It is the yacht for you who love speed, who want to go faster. It is for you who want to have fun on the water and maximise your sailing experience.

Thanks to a sleek design that has been customised specifically for you and your style of sailing the Shogun 43 is here to leave the rest of the crowd behind – whether its weekend hops, long distance cruising or offshore racing.

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Tearing up the rule book

The Shogun 43 is designed to be fun and an absolute thrill to sail, which is why we have torn up the rule book and discarded the notion of what a sail plan should look like. Instead, we have made this yacht customisable, including having two different rig and keel options. Your choice depends on the style of sailor you are, and what you want to achieve on the water.

If you are looking for thrill and exhilaration, the rig with runners and a square top mainsail with a 2.7m draft keel is the setup that will give you ultimate performance. If you are a more into short-handed sailing or prefer relaxed cruising, then chose the regular backstay with pinhead mainsail and a shallower 2.4m keel. Either or, both setups are guaranteed to help you leave yachts in your wake.

Regardless which option you chose, the Shogun sail plans are designed to be flexible, easily manageable and suited to any occasion. Change your setup depending on the number of crew, weather conditions, type of sailing, preferred power, and overall experience.

In another break from conventional Scandinavian design, Shogun Yachts have introduced full-size self-tacking jibs to the Shogun 43. Previously, self-tackers were a compromise in performance due to their reduced jib size. But, in a bold move we moved the mast further back to create a larger foretriangle base, which has allowed us to utilise a self-tacker with a full-size jib. No compromise.

With more than enough room for multiple headsail options, staysails, and inner jibs – all customizable – and a mainsail large enough to meet today’s racing requirements, the Shogun 43 is ready to take the lead.

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Short-Handed Sailing

The exterior layout of the Shogun 43 was designed to be enjoyed by sailors of all levels. Whether you are a keen racer or relaxed cruising yachtsman, the unique addition of double winches on the cabin top sides allows for simple shorthanded sailing, removing the need for a crew the size of a football team normally required to set a kite. Are you wondering how to use both winch handles at the same time? You don’t. The pit winches are electric.

The main jib rails are placed on top of the cabin for an optimal trim angle, and to maintain a good sail profile, even when you’re not using the inhaulers. The second pair of rails are where you would expect to find them, down on the deck. All winches work both using electric power and with a winch handle. Use the organisers to simply handle the halyards and control lines from either side of the cockpit.

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Light & Cosy

While speed and performance are at the heart of the Shogun 43, style and comfort are a priority. The interior finishes are made in carbon and oak veneer to be exceptionally light, yet provide a cosy and welcoming feel. The Shogun has multiple clever layout options allowing you to customise the yacht to your preferences.

The standard layout has three double berth cabins (one in the bow and two aft) and has the salon table placed centre forward with the mast situated aft of the table. Two couches stretch along the table on either side of the table, with an L-shaped galley on the port side opposite a spacious head to starboard.

Interior Gallery

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New Techniques

Designed to be light in the water, the Shogun 43’s hull, deck, rig, rudders and even most of the interior have been made entirely from carbon, ensuring a low overall weight. Even the keel blade is made in carbon, so that the weight of the keel is sitting in the bulb, giving the yacht more stability and speed when sailing in stronger winds and with larger sails. The fusion of the hull and deck is also done differently than in most boats – instead of placing the deck onto the hull and fusing them at the shear line, the Shogun has the bottom structure hull and side deck laminated as one unit to ensure a stronger and stiffer structure. The cabin top and cockpit get cast as one unit and is laminated onto the side deck This also give a smooth and rounded shear line. With a stronger overall structure, the strength of the bulkheads become less significant, which allows us to open up the interior and create a more spacious feel. All carbon components are created in collaboration with our partners and composite experts Vaxholm Komposit, Marstrom Composite and Linjett Yachts.


Which colour are you?

Chili red, midnight blue, lime green or coffee? The Shogun 43 does not only stand out from the crowd through her design and distinctive lines, she also comes in a wide range of colour coatings. Why stick with white when there are a variety of unique and exclusive finishes that will make your Shogun even more you. Shogun Yachts offer colours from Axalta, previously only available for cars, which means you can get the Shogun 43 in any shiny, colourful coating – even metallic – you like.


  • LOA

    13.1 m

  • LWL

    12.3 m

  • Beam

    3.7 m

  • BWL

    2.9 m

  • Displacement

    6425 kg

  • Bulb Weight

    2660 kg (42%)

  • Draft

    2.4 / 2.7 m

  • Mast Height (WL)

    21 m

  • Main Sail

    65 sqm

  • Selftacking Jib

    49 sqm

  • Gennaker A2.5

    180 sqm

  • Fuel Tank

    140 L

  • Water Tank

    2x130 L

  • Category


  • Yacht Designer

    Oscar & Håkan Södergren

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