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Linjett Yachts

Built by experts

The production of the Shogun Yachts is managed by the Linjett Boatyard. With three generations of accomplished boat builders inhouse, with hundreds of years of combined experience and a heritage dating back to 1886 – they are the perfect partner in this venture.

The yard located just an hour and a half from Stockholm, outside Norrtälje, has state of the art facilities and equipment, and above all, a wealth of knowledge in building sailing yachts. Their knowledge and passion combined with the vision of the design team, and the use of the best available materials has resulted in a ground breaking sailing yacht.

“By bringing our experience of what works on a yacht and how to create long-lasting quality, together with experienced carpenters, impeccable project management and a sharp design that uses advanced materials – it is no wonder that the Shogun Yacht is truly unique.”

–  Daniel Gustafsson, Project Manager, Linjett Yachts

Production Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same is true when building a Shogun yacht. In order to deliver a first-class yacht, you need a first-class production team.

Linjett Yachts

Building and maintaining quality requires detail and control, which is why Linjett Yachts manages and produces everything in-house including development, design, plastic work, carpentry, production, sales, and service. It is also why Shogun Yachts chose to partner with them. Their great in-house craftsmanship is symbol of the yard’s heritage and core values, and they simultaneously manage to stay at the forefront of the rapid technological development.


The boatyard was founded in 1886 and has a rich history and of knowledge that has been passed down through generations. Today, the third generation Gustafsson runs the boatyard and incorporates innovative technology into tradition to make modern high-quality yachts. Linjett Yachts are especially well-known for their signature carpentry work.

Vaxholm Komposit

One of the most highly regarded composite manufacturing companies in Sweden, Vaxholm Komposit, are at the forefront in building performance boats for customers with high quality requirements. They focus on high-end carbon constructions for race boats, modern commercial vessels, and special projects for the police and military.


Vaxholm Komposit works in close cooperation with Linjett Yachts to build the carbon laminates of hull and deck of our yachts.

North Sails

The North Sails loft in Stockholm have been heavily involved in the Shogun design process not only in the sail development – but also in the design of the deck layout and as a sounding board throughout the entire build process.


The North Sails his philosophy is simple – get the best people and commit yourself to making the best product, the same philosophy we adopted in creating Shogun Yachts.

Marstrom Composites

Marstrom Composites has helped develop the keel and rudder of both the Shogun 50 & 43 and are involved in the manufacturing of selected carbon interior details. The rig of the Shogun 50 is also developed and made by Marstrom.


Based in Västervik, Sweden Marstrom can design, develop, and manufacture virtually any composite detail in their autoclave: from tables used for medical proton treatments to high end loudspeaker cabinets and high-performance carbon rigs.