Faster than the wind

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Full Carbon fiber hull

Swag meditation crucifix lumbersexual gluten-free messenger

  • Full Carbon fiber hull

    Swag meditation crucifix lumbersexual gluten-free messenger

  • Rig and Sails from North

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  • Retractable fin keel

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Travel with comfort

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  • Cabins

    2+1 crew

  • head compartments

    4+1 crew

  • casing materials

    US Skylon

Unicorn artisan

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  • interior design

    Oscar Södergren

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Full control

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  • material

    Carbon Fiber

  • cruising speed

    19 knots

  • fuel

    6.340 gallons

  • fresh water

    1057 gallons

Sailing with ease

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  • length overall

    25,2 m

  • mainsail

    550,00 sq.ft

  • weight

    11,700 lbs

  • height in saloon


promo image


Worldclass design

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  • front
  • port bow
  • back
  • starboard

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  • hulltype


  • displacement

    141.096 lb

  • beam overal

    4,1 meters


The story of creation

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