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Linjett Yachts

Built by experts

Our first challenge was designing a Shogun Yacht… the next was then building it.

And that challenge was literally in the hands of Linjett Yachts and the Rosättra boatyard, who thankfully have three generations of accomplished boat builders working in a yard that has been crafting yachts since 1886. Calling it an incredible team would be an understatement.

Situated only an hour and a half from Stockholm, the team and the boatyard bought their heritage of experience and craftsmanship to Shogun Yachts and created a partnership and passion that has resulted in a groundbreaking sail.

“By bringing our experience of what works on a yacht and how to create long-lasting quality, together with experienced carpenters, impeccable project management and a sharp design that uses advanced materials – it is no wonder that the Shogun Yacht is truly unique.”

–  Daniel Gustafsson, Project Manager, Linjett Yachts